8000+ ITEMS

Our massive 100-door freezer is stocked with the best selection of frozen foods available. We have a full range of bakery & baked goods, seafood & fish, meats, appetizers, pastas, soups, vegetables, french fries, onion rings, desserts and much more.

Takeout has become an essential revenue stream. In fact many local restaurants have been built around Takeout. We carry full lines of foam, aluminum, plastic & paper take-out packaging to ensure that your customers' meals make it home in an efficient, safe & economical way.

Consumers demand that their food be prepared hygienically in a clean sterile environment. Because of this we have worked hard to source the best quality janitorial products in the world. Our large line of Dispose chemicals are great for everything from disinfecting and sanitizing to washing the dishes and your hands! We also have a huge line of mops, garbage bins, garbage bags, scrubbers, rags, wipers, dispensers, paper products & other specialty chemicals.


Ingredients are the supplies, the kitchen the tools, and the chef the creator. Any great meal must have the best dry ingredients. Our lines of ethnic foods, spices, lentils, flours, rices, canned fruits & vegetables and other essentials provide a quality foundation to those amazing meals.

Consumers demand FRESH FOOD. A1 strives to have the best stocked cooler in the business! Fresh produce, dairy products, meats and so many other chilled products are ALWAYS available and ALWAYS FRESH in our 5000 sq.ft walk-in cooler!


Food and Drink make the world go around. A meal is incomplete without one. We have focused on ensuring our beverage section is one of the best in the industry. We have a wide assortment of still & fancy waters, soft drinks in multiple formats, juices, ethnic beverages from around the world, a huge tea assortment, a variety of coffees,d everything you would need for behind your bar and much more!


The needs of a properly equipped restaurant/caterer are extensive and varied. From pots and pans to full-size triple door fridges, A1 fulfills those needs in a one-stop manner. All the wares and equipment you need with a choice of brands and our always friendly pricing.


Baking ingredients

Bakeries are a key establishment in any neighbourhood. From baking the bread for your morning toast to brunch muffins, lunch ciabatta, afternoon pastry, Sunday pie, and your birthday cake. We carry  all the key ingredients to sustain this wide product selection. Everything from flours, sugars, yeast, baking soda and powder, fillings, chocolate, toppings and much more!

Baked Goods

We want to stock your pantry with the freshest breads from bakeries all around the GTA. From sandwich breads, flat breads, buns and dinner rolls, we have your fresh bread needs covered!

Not only the entire range of Takeout packaging, but also all the other disposable items from cleaning liquids to mops, lifters and aprons. A1 is your Disposables source.

All the various and sundry items that you need to effectively enable you to provide for all your customers' wishes. From cheese graters to storage containers to food wrap and oh so much more.

The environment is ours to protect. A1 Cash & Carry is committed to offering the best innovations in environmentally friendly supplies for the foodservice industry. This includes PLA plastics, boxes made from sugarcane, pulp hinged-lid containers, biodegradable bags & chemicals and much more.