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Stoney Creek - Crushed Tomatoes
Stoney Creek Stoney Creek - Crushed Tomatoes
Sale priceFrom $4.51 Regular price$5.49
Save $1.60
Paper Bags - Brown - #8
Sac Paper Bags - Brown - #8, 6''1/4 X 3''5/8 X 12''1/2
Sale price$15.39 Regular price$16.99
Save $2.38
Par Excellence - Parboiled Rice
Par Excellence Par Excellence - Parboiled Rice
Sale price$26.59 Regular price$28.97
Save $0.48
Supiro - Paper Soup Bowl - 12oz
Supiro Supiro - Paper Soup Bowl - 12oz
Sale priceFrom $4.49 Regular price$4.97
Save $0.63
Fruiti Minis
No Brand Fruiti Minis
Sale priceFrom $6.36 Regular price$6.99
Save $0.20
Celebration - 6" Foam Plate - 069068Celebration - 6" Foam Plate - 069068
Celebration Celebration - 6" Foam Plate - 069068
Sale priceFrom $2.05 Regular price$2.25
Save $1.20
Pack All - Foam Meat Tray - White - #2
Pack All Pack All - Foam Meat Tray - White - #2
Sale priceFrom $12.29 Regular price$13.49
Save $2.60
Crystal - Food Wrap Film - 18"x2000'
Crystal Crystal - Food Wrap Film - 18"x2000'
Sale price$25.39 Regular price$27.99

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A1 Cash and Carry, restaurant supplies store and wholesale restaurant supplier, is a leading brand of Cash and Carry in Canada. Started in 1998, A1 Cash and Carry is now one of the most renowned distributors and wholesalers of restaurant equipment, small wares, kitchen wares (plates, glasses, pans, pots, mugs, food preparation equipment),  

food packaging (food containers, soup containers, pizza boxes wholesale, take-out containers, combo containers and more),  

janitorial products (including Covid-19 supplies, bathroom tissues, sanitizers, bathroom cleaners, bleach, dishwash, hand /paper towels),  

beverages (energy drinks, iced teas, juices, cola drinks, sodas, coffee, tea, syrups),  

dairy products (shredded cheese, mozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese, pizza cheese, cream, butter, yogurt) and  

general groceries (fresh vegetables and fruits, bread, eggs, pies, ice cream cake mixes, muffin batter, meat, chicken seafood and more).


"This wholesale place is very big, clean, and well stocked with everything you need to run your business, also they have equipment for restaurant operations. All and all its a great place."

F Abounassar

"It's a great place to shop in bulk or less quantity. I really like the assortment of items and options available."

Shyam Gandhi

"This place is huge and has amazing selection on restaurant supplies and food! Great prices!!"

Sara Henry