A1 Cash + Carry began in 1998 as a part-time business operating out of our home garage. We started by selling shopping bags and slowly added more items. Today we stock over 8000 products in our 150,000 sq.ft location at 6400 Kennedy Road in Mississauga, Ontario.


A1 Cash + Carry is a master distributor and wholesaler of food service products, disposables and janitorial/sanitation products to more than 1000 customers daily. We work hard to keep our customers happy by going above and beyond their expectations.

Our President, Mr. Amjad Parvaiz, has directed the exponential growth of A1 Cash+Carry over the last 20 years. By focusing on customer satisfaction, supply chain and strategic growth, he has changed the food service business in the GTA.


In 2011 he opened the first large scale walk-through Cash+Carry in Mississauga. Only a year later he heavily invested in freezer & cooler units, fully understanding that top quality fresh and frozen foods were integral to completing A1’s wholesale service.

In the past 2 1/2 years, A1 has tripled its sales and has been recognized by Macleans Profit 500, Fastest Growing Companies in Canada, for 2 years running. To meet the increased demand, a 50,000 sq.ft. addition to its Mississauga location was added to the original 100,000 sq.ft..


In addition, two EXPRESS locations have been added to the roster: London, Ontario and Etobicoke. A1 Cash+Carry Express maintains the same service and selection - smaller footprint.


A1 will continue to focus on increasing imported product lines as well as fully developing both existing and new in-house brands that reach across many categories. 

our Mississauga and Etobicoke locations are not open to the public. The London location is open to the public.

An extensive line of smallwares, cutlery and kitchen tools.

Commonly found in restaurant supply rooms, our line of disposable items ranges from janitorial chemicals to scrubbers/wipes, cutlery, cash register rolls, straws and much more.

Trusted by chefs across the GTA. our line of ethnic South East Asian foods includes spices, lentils, rice and other cooking ingredients.

The Maharani brand of Sela Basmati rice is popular in all types of restaurants; kebab, shawarma, biriyani & many Indian/Pakistani establishments.