St. Helens - Medium Ground Beef - Halal

St. HelensSKU: MEA014

Unit of measure: [4.54 kg]
Sale price$36.99

Due its Weight, Packaging, or Temperature Sensitive nature, this product is not available for boxed shipping. It is only available for bulk deliveries to select cities.


Premium quality medium ground beef is certified halal that embodies the perfect quality, freshness and taste. All St. Helens halal ground beef is sourced from Northwest grain fed beef to deliver you the ground beef ideal for making juicy cuisines. Be it in a curry form or the conventional char-grilled burger patty, ground beef is consumed all around in a variety of options.

St. Helens ground beef maintains its consistency all while preserving the natural aroma and flavor of the beef. Also, in order to ensure the nutritious benefits of beef are not sublimed, this ground beef is packed with special technology to ensure the freshness.

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