SimplyFresh - Tamper Evident Food Delivery Bags - Large (20x14+3.25)

SimplyFreshSKU: BAG184

Unit of measure: [250 ct]
Sale price$81.99


These Bags help alleviate your customers̢ concerns of the integrity of their food delivery after it leaves the restaurant via delivery personnel by using these tamper-evident food delivery bags. Peace of mind for you and peace of mind for your customers.

These Simply Fresh tamper-evident bags have the simple and basic function of providing peace of mind for the consumer that their food has not been tampered with or touched after it left the restaurant. This helps build your brand value with your customers.

These bags are available in two different sizes to accommodate different sizes of boxed meals and are made with Plant-Based material.

  • Large - 20x14" - 3.25"Handle
  • 100% Canadian Made.
  • Produced with high-quality plant-based material.
  • Easy peal closure seal.
  • Strategically positioned holes for hot steam release
  • A wide bottom gusset allows wider containers.
  • 100% Recyclable.
  • Zero worries of your food being compromised.
  • Keeps the food warmer than in paper bags.
  • Cost-Effective against paper bags to provide better value to the restaurant.

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