Salerno - Pizza-Mate Mozzarella Cheese Topping

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UOM: [2.2 kg]
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Salerno’s farm fresh and highly rich Mozzarella cheese is the most widely used pizza cheese. Considered to be the top quality in both - salted mozzarella flavor and for its rich stretchy texture, - Salerno Pizza Mate Mozzarella cheese can be used as the topping for all kinds of pizzas including fajita pizza, pepperoni pizza, cheese pizza and others. Good on on grilled sandwiches, or broiled dishes like chicken parmesan, and as a topping or within in different salads.. The melt-in-the-mouth goodness that this mozzarella cheese offers that richness of blend, texture and overall appeal to the meal that it becomes hard to resist.

Get the best quality dairy and cheese products including Salerno Mozzarella Pizza Mate at the best prices.

2.2kg Block - in Vacuum sealed packs

20% M.F

48% Moisture Content

Halal Certified

Allergen: Soya

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