Magnum - French Fry Cutter - Deluxe - No Blade

MagnumSKU: EFP086

Unit of measure: [1 ct]
Sale price$151.99


A handy and truly efficient French fry cutter, that makes cutting potatoes into perfectly sized uniform French fries, truly time saving and effortless. Gone would be the days of cutting each wedge by hand, Magnum – French Fries Cutter is easy to use as well. Simply put the potato into the chute, press the lever and voila, the amazing perfectly sized French fries are ready.

Blades (sold separately): EFP053, EFP054, EFP055

Heavy duty professional potato cutter

Exceptionally durable and resistant

Soft grip for easy handling

Innovative design and simple to clean

Designed for restaurant kitchens 



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