Pactiv - Hinged Foam Container - HLW-0801

PactivSKU: FHL004

UOM: [150 ct]
Sale price$20.49


Pactiv‰۪s Hinged Lid Foam Container is a great solution for packaging and restaurant take out needs. Built with globally sourced material that is durable, long lasting and preserves the freshness of the food, Pactiv‰۪s Hinged Foam Containers are known to ensure the taste of your food remains the same, right from the kitchen to the table.

8 x 8.5 x 3, 1 Compartment, Medium White

Globally sourced material

Durable and long lasting

Ideal for takeaways and restaurant delivery

Rectangular shape

Viable for hot and cold foods

Available in 110 carton, and 2x110 carton

150 pieces per carton

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