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3 Tips on How to Increase Your Menu Prices

3 Tips on How to Increase Your Menu Prices

In 2022 Restaurants are facing lots of pressures on their profitability, rising food costs, increases in rents, increased labor turnover and increased cost of labor. All of these factors and more are pushing more restaurants to look at increasing their menu prices. Thanks to the wholesale restaurant distributors though, who provide restaurant wholesale on wide range of items to local restaurants including wholesale kitchen supplies, wholesale meat, groceries, takeout containers wholesale, janitorial supplies and restaurant equipment. These are three tips on how to increase your menu prices while maintaining your customer experience satisfaction.

  1. Raise all prices on your menu

Often restaurants fear that increasing menu prices will lead customers to their competition. This may be the case for a percentage of your clientele especially if cost value was a main unique selling point of your restaurant, but often the perceived value holds higher importance than actual value. Perceived value is simply if the customers think that the food you’ve offered is ‘worth’ what they’ve paid for it. One way of managing this perceived value is to maintain relativity and increasing your whole menu’s pricing at once. An example for this could be if you had a burger shop with only two items, a hamburger and a cheeseburger, if your old pricing was $8 and $10 respectively, its better you increase both prices rather than just the cheeseburger or the hamburger. $10 and $12.50 makes more sense than $8 and $10.50 or $8.50 and $10.


  1. Marketing on your menu 

Tell your food’s story! Customer’s perceived value can be impacted by knowing why the food costs what it does, talk about your ingredients, talk about why the food is the way it is, talk about your food packaging.

Instead of a menu reading –

Beef Cheeseburger - $12.50

It should read:

Juicy 4oz Beef Cheese Burger – Freshly Grilled ground beef, topped with a slice of aged cheddar, onions, mustard, ketchup on top of a sesame seed bun. $12.50

A note at the bottom of your menu discussing your packaging, ethos, a quality guarantee, or some other relevant information is always a nice addition! For example

“A1 Burgers cares for the quality of ingredients we use, we are not satisfied until you are, and guarantee you’ll love this burger or your money back!”

“A1 Burgers packages our burgers in environmentally friendly paper packaging, once you’ve enjoyed your meal, please recycle”


  1. Offer more, for more 

Build combos, family meals, platters catering trays and more to increase the dollars spent at your restaurant. This can take a customer’s attention away from a higher priced single item and allow them to focus on why they are there. Maybe to get meals for their whole family, or for a group of colleagues or their soccer team’s lunch. An example:

10 Cheeseburger Platter

Get 10 Cheeseburgers for your friends or family; Freshly Grilled ground beef, topped with a slice of aged cheddar, onions, mustard, ketchup on top of a sesame seed bun. $109.99


If you are a restaurant and looking for a reliable wholesale food distributor Ontario then A1 Cash and Carry is the one-stop solution for all your commercial food preparation and business needs. 

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