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Cavendish Frozen Food - The Best There Is

Cavendish Frozen Food - The Best There Is

We all know about French Fries. The golden, crispy potato bites that go perfectly with every snack you can offer! In most cases, whether it be poutine or as a side snack with a delicious burger, fries are one of the highest moving products for any restaurant. This makes it critical to have an accountable and reliable supplier like one of the largest wholesale frozen food supplier Cavendish which is an absolutely essential part of the restaurant business.



1. A name that speaks for itself

As a family-owned and operated business, Cavendish places a great deal of pride, commitment, and know-how into its products. Since 1882, Cavendish Farms has been part of a family-owned business committed on serving its customers. It is also the 4th-largest frozen potato product manufacturer in the United States. 



2. A variety of products

Cavendish doesn’t just sell French fries; in fact, they offer a huge variety of other frozen delicacies that are just as delicious if not more. Onion rings, potato wedges are just to name a few from their top selling products from a wide selection available at A1 Cash and Carry. They can be served as a stand-alone side dish or paired with grilled fish, chicken, or steaks.

On top of all those Premium fries from Cavendish are longer, have a greater production rate, and provide more servings each case when compared to the competition which means more profit. Buy large range of Cavendish frozen foods from Canada's leading wholesale food distributor Ontario including Cavendish fries, Cavendish potato wedges and Cavendish mozzarella cheese sticks



3. The cost

Purchasing a mass-produced product from a company like Cavendish enables our customers to save a significant amount of money on operating costs. A1 Cash and Carry is the best place to buy Cavendish Food's products since our prices are lower than everybody else in the market.

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