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Eco-Friendly in a Covid World!

Eco-Friendly in a Covid World!

With the current Covid-19 pandemic, we are facing restrictions on traditional dine-in options. Restaurants are forced to focus on operations for Take-out or Delivery. Naturally has been an increased demand for take-out packaging, and further so Eco-Friendly Take Out Packaging.

A1 Cash & Carry, is one of Ontario’s largest restaurant wholesalers. We have experienced consecutive years of over 50% growth in the eco-packaging category. When compared to little to no growth in foam packaging, it reflects that a world of sustainability is gaining momentum.

It takes time for the message of promoting a more sustainable planet to really hit home, but once it does, it starts to mushroom. A1 has been a leader in providing eco-friendly products, and we’ve seen similar growth in non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning products as well.

A1 stocks a wide variety of better for the earth take out packaging, chemicals and other relevant items at our locations in Mississauga, London and Etobicoke.

At our buildings we have worked hard to ensure our footprint is environmentally friendly: most applicable cardboard is recycled, we use solar power in Etobicoke, our Mississauga roof is a special tarp designed to dissipate heat in the summer and retain heat in the winter, we use high efficiency lighting throughout and very efficient freezer and cooler units, to ensure we are doing our part!

If you have any questions, we encourage you to visit in store, visit our Eco-Friendly product page or email us: Askus@A1cashandcarry.com


- Fahmad Parvaiz

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