Janitorial Supplies – Brooms: A Meager Yet Essential Cleaning Supply

“Oh no, really!?! There goes half the bag of dog chow all over the floor!”

Somebody grab a broom!

Any one of countless scenarios where  it is necessary to sweep up a mess. What kind of broom should you use? Not a thought we spend a lot of time considering. But upon closer examination it becomes apparent that there are different types of brooms designed to handle different kinds of messes. And using the right broom can help you avoid the frustration of sweeping up and still leaving half the damn mess on the floor.



This is your everyday go-to broom used around the house for virtually all dry spills and messy floors.


The corn broom or straw broom is the original, old-fashioned broom. It’s coarse, hard bristles were fine for the rough, unsmooth floors of caves and medieval peasant cottages, but poorly suited for today’s indoor sweeping needs. However it remains popular as an outdoor broom as its coarse bristles are effective for sweeping patios, decks, outdoor walkways, etc.


The push broom features a large head which makes it ideal for large areas. Areas like garage floors as well as any large surface can be cleaned up a lot more quickly because of its large head.


The technology behind the angle of the bristle surface is to enable the broom to reach into corners and those ‘hard to get to’ nooks and crannies. An angle broom is ideal for kitchens


BRISTLE COMPOSITION - Natural vs Synthetic

Natural: Broomcorn is the most common natural fibre bristle (as in straw brooms).  Contrary to its name, it does not come from corn or straw. These bristles come from a form of sorghum (a grain) which is grown specifically for its ability to trap fine dust particles. Broomcorn is durable and sweeps well because each fiber is covered with hair-like follicles that help to trap and hold dirt particles. It is water-resistant but not waterproof. As such it is best suited for  ‘dry sweeping’ .

Synthetic: Synthetic bristles are waterproof and dry very quickly, as well as being resistant to acids, oils, and bacterial growth. Some brooms feature bristles whose tips are flagged or ‘feathery’ . These will create a soft brushing face that is good for picking up fine dust particles or animal hairs.


There are several design elements that you may wish to consider before you make a purchase:

  • removable head for easy cleaning
  • high bristle density for more efficient cleaning of small particles. Smooth surface bristles are also imperative for picking up those fine particles and pet hairs.
  • flagged bristle ends for cleaning dusty/powdery surfaces and pet hairs- stiff, durable bristles for outdoor cleanups


Since the mid-90s, the advent of the rubber broom has revolutionized sweeping. Today’s rubber-bristled brooms for sale can handle a myriad of messes.

  1. Hard wearing
  2. Easy to clean
  3. Don’t damage surfaces
  4. Pick-up and attract all types of hair
  5. Good on almost all surfaces.
  6. Can be used in the wet
  7. Don’t loose their shape

Laminate or vinyl flooring in the kitchen?  Tiled bathroom? Pet hairs? No problem. Bring on the rubber broom. Rubber bristles are also well suited for cleaning a carpet. Wet spills/wet messes/mud rooms? Many rubber brooms come with a squeegee., which makes it an efficient wet mess cleaner as well as window cleaner.

Recently the rubber broom has been purposed as an artificial grass brush for keeping your outdoor artificial lawn looking its best. The rubber bristles rake and clean a wide range of artificial grasses.

And the rubber broom head just rinses clean.


Nothing is more frustrating than having to keep moving back the dustpan as you continue trying to sweep the mess into it. The steeper the angle of the rubber tip edge, the more it resists accepting the dirt. Also, the finer to which the rubber tip edge is tapered, will contribute to the ease of dirt entry into the dustpan. Finally the depth of the ridge, or the ‘drop-off’ just past the rubber tip edge, will facilitate keeping the mess inside the dust pan without it falling back out if you lift the dustpan too steeply. Head over to Canada’s leading janitorial supplies distributor for commercial kitchen supplies for greater bargains and ensured quality along with quicker shipping times.

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