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Prepare The Ultimate Diwali Feast With These Diwali Must Haves

Prepare The Ultimate Diwali Feast With These Diwali Must Haves

Diwali is just around the corner, and like every year the festival is hosted, celebrated and enjoyed all-round the globe by not just any particular community but also among people with different ethnicities and backgrounds. To many diwali is celebrated to mark peace, unity and a sense of togetherness, bringing people of all communities closer together to celebrate the occasion.

Often marked by the symbol of ‘DIYA’ or a clay lamp, it personifies light, glowing enchant and a sense of communal spirit. It should also be known that originally diwali is called Deepawali but since generations its name has somewhat shortened to just diwali.




Like all South East Asian celebrations like Eid, diwali and holi, having a wholesome meal and savory treats on the table is a must. The heartwarming and soul enriching foods cooked and prepared on the eve of diwali are many including chhole bhature, palak paneer, and matar paneer, but as usual the star of the event are the sweet savory mithai and sweets ranging from gulab jamun, rasgulla, peda, barfi, gajar halwa, sweet rice (zarda) among many.


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At Canada’s highest wholesale restaurant distributor, Indian restaurants can shop diwali essentials and Indian spices at one place including:


MDH Channa Masala

Medium and large size samosa

Pure desi ghee

Canola oil box

Chick peas and lentils

Bulk vegetable pakora

Bulk aloo tikki

Wok/karahi for pakora frying

Brar fine besan

Pistachio Brar Rasmalai

2oz portion cups

Lids for 2oz portion cups

Dispose aluminum foil

Premium quality bulk sela rice

Bulk basmati rice

National mixed pickles


And countless other diwali essentials that are needed to prepare the utmost feast for your guests!


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