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Top Tips While Choosing a Reliable Wholesale Restaurant Supplier

Top Tips While Choosing a Reliable Wholesale Restaurant Supplier

Location? Check. Decor? Check. Chef? Check. Staff? Check. Wholesale supplier? Uhh… 

Exactly! While planning a restaurant we all take certain things into consideration- we want the best location. Money can get you the best location in town. Next, we want to have the best ambience for our diners. Well, money can get you the best decor as well. Spend enough and you’ll get a Michelin Star chef too. 

Through all this planning, we often take one thing for granted- supplies. We think that we could hire a driver, give him a van and he’ll drive to the nearest FreshCo to get your supplies. But what happens when FreshCo doesn’t have enough Lettuce for you? 

These big-box stores with perfect aisles and beautiful flooring are extremely efficient at catering to everyone but the restaurant industry. This is where wholesale suppliers such as A1 Cash and Carry steps in. 


Here are 4 things to keep in mind while choosing your wholesale restaurant supplier:


  • Product Availability- You don’t want to connect with a supplier where all important items that you need are either out of stock or on back order. In today’s shortage economy, finding a lot of the important stuff is already very hard. As much as we’d all love to do it, it is just not practical to go to the fresh produce market and get the freshly picked stuff. 
  • We need items at the snap of a finger and A1 Cash + Carry offers that. We keep a close eye on inventory and make sure that everything stays in stock when you need it. In addition to that, A1 also offers the option for you to book your items in advance- a way to guarantee the availability of what you need.



  • Accessibility- A1 Cash + Carry follows a B2B business model. We, as a business sell only to other business. This makes it easier for us to understand your needs and for you to understand us a supplier. Walk into one of our stores and you will find yourself shopping amongst like minded restaurateurs.
  • Take a glance at one of our aisles and you’ll realize that everything is arranged exactly as you’d need it. This makes it very easy and simple for our customers to get fulfill their supply requirements. All in all, A1 wants to give its customers a smooth and hassle-free experience.



  • Delivery Options- What if you don’t want the headache of sending someone to get your supplies or you having to drive all the way to a store. A1 offers deliveries to bunch of cities in the Ontario Province. 

  • Quality- All said and done, nothing matters if the quality is not good enough. You could find the cheapest wholesaler but what happens when the quality is not up to your customer’s standards? What happens when the fresh produce is actually not fresh? A1 Cash & Carry has it’s stock updated on a regular basis to make sure that everything that reaches your kitchen is as fresh as possible!
  • To close out, just make sure that you pick your supplier as per YOUR needs and do not sacrifice on any front because the supplier is not willing to bend a little to accommodate your needs. There are always other options to go with and you might find the one that fits you and your needs the best.

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