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What Is a Cash and Carry?

What Is a Cash and Carry?

 Meaning of "Cash and Carry"

The phrase “Cash & Carry” originated in the first half of the 1900s. It is a self-service wholesale outlet where customers pay for their goods (Cash) and take those goods with them (Carry). The customers are retailers, companies, and associations. Typically, access to a Cash & Carry is for members or authorized companies only.

A Cash & Carry is usually self-serve, offering a large selection of items. For example, at A1 Cash and Carry, a wholesaler to the restaurant and foodservice industry, a customer can buy everything; from a large commercial kitchen oven, to an egg beater, to all manner of cleaning supplies and a huge selection of takeout packaging and paper products. They also offer an enormous range of dry goods, frozen food, fresh produce, proteins, and dairy products. Over 8,000 items in all!

A1 Categories Available

A Cash & Carry is in effect a one-stop shopping location that offers their products in bulk, to keep pricing low. Discounts are common, especially if you buy by the case. Some modern Cash & Carrys, like A1, offer extensive customer service as one of their many differentiation points from the competition. If you need help locating a product, loading your cart, or loading your vehicle one of our esteemed associates will be by your side.

Categories of products sold at A1 Cash and Carry

Online, the ultimate in one-stop shopping...

A new development for the Cash & Carry of the 21st century, is online shopping. Online is the ultimate in one-stop shopping. It could be argued that they are now Cash & Deliver wholesalers, since no one is ‘carry­ing’ anything away from a website. A1 has embraced the online selling experience at A1cashandcarry.com and offers a fleet of trucks that deliver to the customer’s front door, covering the entire Southern Ontario region - from Niagara to London to Barrie to Oshawa.

The Cash & Carry’s buying team will negotiate bulk savings from the most reliable food industry manufacturers and suppli­ers - both nationally and internationally. This includes all well known brand names as well as, as is the case for A1, proprietary brands created specifically to meet the specific needs and requirements of their customer base. In this manner, pricing is kept as low as possible.


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Written by: 02/05/2021 – Cary Hyodo

Edited by: 02/05/2021 – Fahmad Parvaiz

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