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A1 Cash and Carry, Announces New Location Opening in Kitchener in Summer 2022

A1 Cash and Carry, Announces New Location Opening in Kitchener in Summer 2022

It should not come as a surprise to many that one of the highest rated wholesale food distributor Ontario is continuing with its location expansion spree. That’s right, Canada’s leading wholesale restaurant supplier, A1 Cash and Carry, is set to open its newest location right at the heart of Kitchener at 135 Gateway Park Dr.

Commenting on the opening plans of the new location at Kitchener, Mr. Fahmad Parvaiz, Chief Operating Officer, said the expansion was quite inevitable.

“A1 Cash and Carry as a brand and as a business of restaurant wholesale has always put forward the needs and requirements of its customers, that are primarily restaurants, hotels, cafes and takeaway joints. From our humble beginnings from back in 1998 where we started out as the wholesaler of shopping bags to this day, the very mantra of our brand has been to provide wholesale pricing, excellent customer service and wide selection of items to choose from.”

Adding onto this, the cash and carry’s e-commerce manager, Natasha Navotnaya identified that

“The wholesale business is growing and expanding manifold in the Ontario province and therefore we have decided that the new Kitchener location will not only be open to all businesses, as has been traditionally but will also cater to the general public!”

Now this is a great news for the public as they have always yearned for to shop at Canada’s number one wholesaler where they can find wide selection of items at wholesale price including fresh fruits and vegetables, restaurant equipment supplies, packaging items including plastic takeout containers, foam takeout containers, meats including wholesale seafood, beef and poultry, beverages, dinnerware, frozen food items, janitorial and cleaning supplies, dairy items including varieties of cheese and much more.

The newest Kitchener location is set to open its doors in Summer of this year. It should also be noted that just last year, A1 Cash and Carry opened their North York location, which is 65,000 square feet spacious and has 7,500+ items in stock, to cater to the businesses of North York so they do not have to travel to Mississauga for their shopping needs. Besides this, the Mississauga, London, and Etobicoke locations are also serving the business customers at full throttle.

In the February of 2021, A1 Cash and Carry also launched their dedicated online store where you can shop for same selection of items anytime, anywhere without the need of visiting the location. Among many shipping models, the most popular one remains the free shipping one which applies on order of $450 or more

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