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3 Shipping Plans for Your Businesses!

3 Shipping Plans for Your Businesses!

Trying to find just the right vendor or distributor for a business can sometimes become the bane of existence for many. Often time, it is quite a daunting task for someone who is a business owner and must deal with regular shipping and inventory management of a wide range of products. What if there were a solution, preferably an E-Commerce one, due to these Covid times, that could resolve the regular shipping and ordering hassle for restaurants?

As Canada prepares to re-open after almost a year of living under stringent rules and regulations due to Covid-19, adapting to what is being deemed as the ‘new normal’ can be quite a challenging task. More and more businesses are looking to automate their processes online. It is because of these uncertain times of health risks, social distancing and safety, that Canada’s popular cash and carry brand, A1 Cash and Carry is providing the ease of convenience to restaurant and café owners by offering highly customized and prompt e-commerce solution.

Being a restaurant wholesale supplies distributor and wholesaler of restaurant equipment, A1 Cash and Carry strives to provide good quality and wide range of supplies/products at affordable rates. That includes but not limited to: janitorial and cleaning supplies, bulk grocery online, food packaging products online (food containers, hinged foam containers, pizza boxes and more), frozen foods (frozen vegetables, frozen meat), beverages and syrups, dairy products (mozzarella cheese, shredded cheese, pizza cheese), fresh produce (fresh fruits online, fresh vegetables online), cookware and utensils (kitchen equipment, smallware) and more.

Keeping in mind the individual requirements of our esteemed customers, A1 Cash and Carry now offers 3 different shipping options that business owners can choose from, including the recently launched Box Shipping.

  1. Bulk Delivery - $450 or more order subtotal

Free shipping on orders of a minimum of $450. Currently, we are offering bulk deliveries once a week per location. Check your location schedule and submit your new order at least one business day in advance to allow us enough time to prepare it for you.

A note to small-business owners including those of restaurant and café ones, that you must likely be on the lookout for wholesale restaurant suppliers offering bulk delivery to reduce overhead costs. A1 Cash and Carry provides free shipping on bulk buying on a minimum of $450, so reduce your overhead and sundry expenses, and get the best bargains.


  1. ​Bulk Delivery – Below $450​ order subtotal

We will deliver your order right at your doorstep for just $25 flat. Presently, we are delivering to selected locations, once a week. Check your location schedule and submit your new order at least one business day in advance to allow us some time to prepare it for you.


  1. Box Shipping ​

We will deliver your order to any location around Canada for just $15 per box. Please notice the shipping icon next to items stating if they are shippable or not. Due to the nature of some products, we are not able to ship them, and we want to let you know that upfront.
A box fits 3 counts of single items, or 1 count of case of items. Shipping starts from at least one box of $15 no matter how many items are inside. We encourage you to use your box to full capacity!


Ready to try these shipping options out? Then start shopping now!

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