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3 Unique Ways to Market your Restaurant in 2022

3 Unique Ways to Market your Restaurant in 2022

In 2022, marketing your restaurant is a very important tool to ensure a steady flow of customers to your restaurant. A1 Cash and Carry is a wholesale restaurant supplier with locations in Etobicoke, North York, London and Mississauga. A1 Cash and Carry also has online ordering available for customers from Niagara Falls to Durham and as far north as Barrie. A1 Cash and Carry services thousands of customers daily by supplying commercial kitchen supplies, restaurant equipment, grocery, wholesale seafood, takeout containers wholesale and more. These tips are based on what we have seen to be successful and unique marketing by restaurants in 2022.


1. Host Events or Classes

Over the last few years a popular gift has become to give experiences instead of tangible gifts. Hosting events around an activity like a meal and paint class, or how to make a burger class, or an event around a certain demographic have become very popular. One operations advantage to these events and classes is you can host them at a time where your restaurant is not typically busy, allowing you to capitalize on slower periods of the day! Some examples of popular event or class ideas are:

  • Cooking Class – Teach your customers how to make a meal!
  • Cooking Techniques – Teach your customers a unique cooking technique like using a griddle, or how to prep vegetables quickly!
  • Art and Food Classes – Pottery and a drink, or meal and paint class.
  • Meets for hobbyists – Sports Meets, Car Meets, Fashion Meets or other meets where you host groups of like minded hobbyists
  • Religious Events – reach out to your local church, mosque, temple etc. and see if they’re having any events soon that you could host at your restaurant.

Events allow you to market your restaurants to large groups of people at once!

2. Partner with Local Influencers

Social media has allowed many ‘normal’ people to build followings with many like minded people. Many local customers of yours may have thousands of social media followers who are often respectful of their opinions. Food based Instagram or social media pages are very popular, and its not hard to find people who are popular in your local community. Many times a simple message asking how they can help you market your restaurant will get them to let you know if they offer any marketing services. Even better you can invite them to come have a meal on the house, and maybe they will post about it!

3. Develop a Unique Item

Work with your team to develop an iconic, Instagram-ready product, these products will help drive organic views and traffic to your restaurant. Branding your services in a unique way is the go to thing in order to establish your brand's identity and differentiating from the competitors, so it is always great idea to invest in these. 


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