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A1 Cash & Carry – North York: A One Stop Shopping Solution for Businesses

A1 Cash & Carry – North York: A One Stop Shopping Solution for Businesses

Since beginning its operations in 1998, there has been no looking back for A1 Cash and Carry, which is now amongst the highest rated and favorably reviewed cash and carries of Canada. Its expansion spree has been by leaps and bounds, especially in the GTA region where A1 has been able to open 4 locations in Mississauga, London, Etobicoke, and North York.

It was just last summer that A1 opened its newest location right at the heart of North York at Caledonia Rd. The services of the newest location are surely at par with the standard of other of its locations that A1 has been offering to its customers, and by which we mean restaurants, hotels, offices, motels and other businesses. Offering the same wide assortment of products that A1 is renowned for namely commercial kitchen supplies, restaurant equipment and takeout containers wholesale, it has been able to penetrate the local market in less than a year. It has been able to achieve this unsurmountable feat by keeping true to its root of providing:



Wholesale Prices

As a master distributor of restaurants, A1 has always strived for and ensured that its customers, which are leading businesses from the region, are able to buy in bulk at wholesale prices. Offering highly competitive price ranges that reflect their commitment towards providing wholesale, they have been able to carve out their own target audience.

Wide Assortment

Known in the business for their large selection of items available both for in-store shoppers and online ecommerce store customers, A1 has been able to meet the ever-increasing requirements of its business customers. It offers a one stop shopping solution that offers products in bulk, and discounts are greater especially when buying in cases. The product selection includes but not limited to

  • Packaging including foam, plastic and aluminum containers
  • Grocery items like canned foods, processed items, condiments, spices and seasonings and cooking oil
  • Frozen food items at wholesale prices
  • Wares and equipment including cooking equipment, ovens, grills and more
  • Produce including fruits and vegetables
  • Wholesale meat, poultry, and seafood
  • Beverages like hot drinks and cold ones
  • Dairy items including cheeses, yogurt, milk etc.
  • And janitorial products especially cleaning chemicals, Covid-19 safety sanitizers and more


Customer Service

Unparalleled customer service is what has been the ultimate competitive advantage and selling proposition of A1 Cash and Carry. It offers extensive customer support at its North York location which is the main differentiation points. If a customer requires assistance in locating a product, shelf or simply loading your cart the customer support is always there to assist.

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