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What is a Wholesale Food Distributor?

What is a Wholesale Food Distributor?

A Food Wholesale Distributor is a business that sells bulk quantities of food items. Typically they supply food manufacturers, grocery stores, cafes, restaurants, banquet halls, convenience stores and other businesses. Food Wholesale Distributors can sell dry ambient temperature foods, refrigerated fresh foods, and frozen foods. 

A1 Cash and Carry is a leading and trusted wholesale food distributor in Ontario. With multiple locations across various cities, including: Etobicoke, North York, Mississauga, London and soon to be opened Kitchener location. A1 Cash and Carry also has a robust E-Commerce website where businesses and the public can shop for Wholesale Foods Online. A1 Cash and Carry distributes wholesale foods across Canada with a convenient flat rate next day shipping service.

A1 Cash and Carry Specializes in following wholesale foods distribution:

-Wholesale Dairy Supplier - Wholesale prices on milk, cream, coffee creamers, yogurt, bulk tubs of Balkan yogurt, large blocks of cheese, and large bags of shredded cheese for pizza, nachos, lasagna and more!

-Wholesale Seafood Supplier - Bulk Bags of raw shrimp, cooked shrimp, fish fillets, muscles, squid, calamari, and many breaded seafood items for your menu!

-Wholesale Poultry - Fresh Chicken Breast, leg meat, wings, leg quarters, and breaded chicken products such as chicken nuggets, burgers, chicken strips and more!

-Wholesale Meat Supplier - Full cuts of beef such as ribeye, sirloin tips, striploins, inside rounds, outside flats, brisket and medium ground beef, lean ground beef in wholesale sizes.

-Commercial Kitchen Supplies - Bulk Raw Spices available in various formats, from small shakers, convenient 10lb or 5lb packs, or extra large 50lb package for large volume users. We also stock wholesale quantities of ethnic and mainstream seasonings from brands such as; Kasuku, Club House, National, Shaan, MDH and more!

-Wholesale Bread - Freshly baked breads from weston bakeries, including sandwich bread, Texas toast, burger buns, sub buns, hot dog buns, Kaisers, and tortillas!

-Wholesale Bakery Ingredients - Wholesale bags of flour, corn starch, bread crumbs, nuts and dried fruits, bakery confectionary, bakery chocolates, bakery flavours and essences, bakery food colourings.

-Wholesale Canned Foods - Large cans of tomatoes, canned vegetables, canned fruit, and canned lentils & pulses.

-Wholesale Pantry Foods - Large jars and pail of pickles, sliced peppers, relishes, sauerkraut, canned milk, canned fish, olives, soup bases, and ready to eat soups. 

-Wholesale Condiments - Bulk 4L jugs of Dressings, Sauces, Dips, Mayonnaise in jugs and pails, Ketchup, Mustard, syrups and portioned condiments for take-out

-Wholesale Vinegar & Wine - Bulk Jugs of White Vinegar, Malt Vinegar, Wine Vinegar, Apple Cider Vinegar, Cooking Wine, and Balsamic Vinegars.

-Wholesale Oil - Wholesale Frying Oil, Cooking Oil, Solid and Liquid Shortenings, baking shortening, ghee, coconut oil, sesame oil, mustard oil, olive oil, truffle oil, chilli oil, other specialty oils and cooking oil sprays

-Wholesale Rice & Grains - Bulk Bags of Quinoa, Couscous, barley, buckwheat, corn meal, basmati rice, Sella rice, long grain American rice, parboiled rice, jasmine rice, Calrose rice, Arborio rice and risotto rice.

-Wholesale Lentils & Pulses - Bulk bags of lentils, and pulses as well as canned lentils and pulses available in various sizes and packages.

A1 Cash and Carry, has many other items you may need from your business like cleaning supplies, food packaging, commercial kitchen supplies, and restaurant equipment. A1 Cash and Carry stocks 7,000 products and has very competitive market prices. If you are shopping for a business you can visit one of A1 cash and carry’s locations, or shop online for all your restaurant’s requirements.  

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