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Biodegradable Food Takeout Packaging - The Way Forward For Restaurants

Biodegradable Food Takeout Packaging - The Way Forward For Restaurants

The usage of non eco-friendly packaging, such as Styrofoam takeout containers and various single-use plastic containers, is an issue that keeps developing as the buying public gets more informed about reducing one's carbon imprint on this beloved world of ours. Since then, A1 Cash & Carry, restaurant wholesale distributor Ontario,  has progressively increased its selection of environmentally friendly packaging.

While making decisions as an individual or a business to support all things sustainable is undoubtedly beneficial on many levels, the subject of sustainability as a whole is enormous and, let's face it, overwhelming. 

Beginning with disposable dinnerware and takeaway packaging Here are some popular "good" alternative packaging solutions, along with information on the materials they are composed of, so you may choose the path you believe is best for you and your company.

1. Biodegradable 

These wholesale takeout containers degrade naturally, leaving no toxic substances or residues that could endanger the environment or the consumer.


2. Bagasse / Sugarcane Based Containers

These bagasse clamshell containers and dinnerware items provide your business a completely green alternative that will undoubtedly appeal to your clients because they are made from the fibrous waste pulp left over from sugarcane plants after the sugar has been collected. They require a lot less energy to produce than their plastic equivalent and may be microwaved.



3. Polycoated Kraft Paperboard Takeout Containers

The Kraft paperboard poly-coating has a natural silicon basis that degrades into a biodegradable product, unlike other paper containers and dinnerware that have a plastic (PET) coating that is non-biodegradable. In addition to making the item leak-proof, grease-resistant, and cut-resistant, the poly-coating also makes it breathable thanks to its natural components. This prevents food from becoming soggy by allowing steam and heat to escape. It can be frozen as well as microwaved thanks to its three-ply robustness.

4. Polypropylene based

One of those plastics that is safe and recyclable is this. Although slow to decompose and non-renewable, it is nonetheless regarded as biodegradable and has FDA approval. It promises all the benefits of plastic as well as being recyclable and microwave safe.

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