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Wood, Plastic or Glass Cutting Boards - What's The Right Choice?

Wood, Plastic or Glass Cutting Boards - What's The Right Choice?

One of the most crucial kitchen equipment after the knife is sometimes given insufficient consideration. And it is the cutting board. A good cutting board is a multifaceted equipment that serves a variety of crucial functions, like as:

- offers a strong, stable work surface

- shields serving trays and countertops

maintains the edge of your knives

- functions as a trivet (a stand for hot pots & pans)

- guards against cross-contamination


Making The Right Choice!

It is essential for either households and businesses alike to choose the right kind/material for your cutting board. The one that suits your style and requirements. Usually there are three main options available; Wood, Plastic or Glass. Glass is effective and simple to clean, but it will quickly dull your knives. A plastic cutting board may be used safely for both raw meat and fresh vegetables if it is cleaned correctly and is much easier on your blades. Finding the ideal platform for the precise commercial kitchen supplies and restaurant equipment supplies is crucial and highly advantageous to achieve this goal. A wooden cutting board board may retain juices from raw meat because of the porous structure of wood, making it challenging to clean and disinfect. Therefore, this might result in cross-contamination (meat-borne pathogens can make people sick), the retention of odors, and eventual warping. Plastic's non-porous nature makes it simple to remove any bacteria; you can even put it in the dishwasher to sterilize it at a high temperature. Plastic cutting boards that have different colors can be used as an additional measure against cross contamination.


Cutting Boards Available Today!

On the counter, your plastic cutting boards should be flat and remain stationary without slipping. Some boards will have built-in grips, but you can steady all of them by setting down a moist tea towel.

Everyone needs a cutting board in their kitchen, whether they are experienced cooks or beginners, and having more than one is not a terrible idea. It is generally advisable to opt for cutting boards from reputable manufacturers because they are far more practical, long-lasting, and durable. We are confident that your upcoming purchase will be wiser now at wholesale restaurant supplies distributor, and that you are now aware of the importance and variety of different cutting board types.

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