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How Frozen Pasta & Meatballs Can Help Add Depth to your Italian Restaurant's Menu

How Frozen Pasta & Meatballs Can Help Add Depth to your Italian Restaurant's Menu

A1 Cash & Carry has been the one stop shop restaurant wholesaler for Italian restaurants in the Greater Toronto Area for the last 20 years. There are few items that have saved a lot of time for many of our customers.

  1. O'Sole Mio Frozen Ravioli & Totellini

Both O'Sole Mio Ravioli & O'Sole Mio Tortellini are available in a vegetarian cheese version, or ground beef meat version. These pastas are high quality products made in Canada and flash frozen to preserve its freshness. They cook very quickly (5-7 minutes) & come in a convenient resealable bag so they do not get frostbite in the freezer between orders. O'Sole Mio proudly boasts that there are no artificial flavors, no artificial colors, powdered eggs or hydrogenated fats in any of their product.


  1. Cooked Perfect Meatballs

Cooked Perfect Italian Style meatballs are available in 1/2oz and 1oz sizes. They are prepared with quality ground beef seared to keep in the juiciness. These meatballs contain garlic, parsley, oregano and real parmesan cheese making sure they are an excellent meatball for your spaghetti & meatballs or meatball subs. These meatballs are fully cooked and just need to be heated and served. (15-20 minutes in a pan or baking sheet).


A1 Cash & Carry is committed to carrying products that help you expand your menu, save you time, labor and add profit to your bottom line! A1 Cash and Carry is the leading wholesale restaurant cash and carry in the Toronto Area.

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