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Why Peppo’s Falafel Balls Save Your Restaurant's Time & Money?

Why Peppo’s Falafel Balls Save Your Restaurant's Time & Money?

Let us all be honest, anyone who is a falafel lover knows all too well about the quality of falafel balls from Peppo's Foods. Established in 1994 in Toronto, Ontario, Peppo Foods has provided its clients with industry-leading products, service, and quality. Since its humble beginning, Peppo’s has become a prominent plant-based protein manufacturer that became HACCP compliant (2012-2014) and BRC compliant (2014-Present)—resulting in our BRC certification Grade ‘A’ status. Peppo Foods success with falafel comes down to the following principles.



1. Cost

The sheer volume of a mass production line like ours in itself saves the consumer huge amounts of labor. That along with other factors that need to be considered makes Peppo Food's items very cost effective, especially if you are a restaurant and purchasing Peppo's falafel balls in bulk from wholesale food distributor Ontario, then you are in for greater savings. 

2. Product:

Secondly, the product itself comes from a BRC plant which guarantees the ultimate in food safety, that is difficult to achieve. In addition to their products being super healthy, especially falafel balls that are low on fats and other starches, Peppo's industry-leading products are free from any trans fats and are an excellent source of fiber.



3. Raw Materials

Thirdly, to guarantee the quality, taste, texture, etc you must use the same consistent supply of raw materials. Spices alone can completely change the profile of the product. To ensure that their products contain the freshest ingredients and no additives, their chickpeas are from “farm-to-facility,” while their spices are milled weekly. 

This product is 90% cooked which allows the final user to reheat to 100% and not dry out the final product. Their falafel is plant based protein, gluten free, kosher, and allergen free. A1 Cash and Carry, leading Canadian wholesale Middle Eastern supplies distributor stocks wide range of these onion, carrot and herbs infused Peppo Falafel balls that are bite sized and are made with the goodness of chickpeas. 

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