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What Are the Types of Cheeses Restaurants Can Source from Wholesale Cheese Suppliers?

What Are the Types of Cheeses Restaurants Can Source from Wholesale Cheese Suppliers?

Did someone say cheese? Cheese can be regarded as one thing that lifts not only the taste of any dish to which it is being added, but also one’s mood almost instantly. It is not only a diverse ingredient that has its usage in a wide range of dishes but also is highly flavorful. There is a wide variety of cheese and those range from nutty, earthy, creamy to spicy and sweet ones. Similarly, the range of choices in terms of textural variety of a cheese is also well known namely block cheese, soft cheese, cream cheese, shredded cheese and more.

The notion that from where restaurants and cafes source their cheese is quite an interesting one to many. In this regard, it is where wholesale restaurant distributors and specifically wholesale cheese suppliers come into play. Wholesale cheese suppliers offer a wide range of cheese where restaurants can buy cheese in bulk online or at their cash and carry. First let’s discuss the benefits of buying cheese from wholesale food distributor Ontario.



  1. Bulk Buying – Because wholesale restaurant suppliers deal in bulk quantities and consequently, restaurants also need/require items in bulk quantities therefore, it is imperative for restaurants to rely their sourcing on wholesale distributors.
  2. Variety of items – A1 Cash and Carry alone has an inventory of 10,000+ items in its 4 locations across GTA and also one online cash and carry website. This breadth of variety is only available at wholesale distributors.
  3. Wholesale Prices – Because wholesale restaurant distributors deal in bulk quantities therefore they are able to pass on the bulk buying benefit to their customers as well, so restaurants are able to get wholesale deals.

Types of Cheeses available at Wholesale Cheese Suppliers

  1. Hard Cheese 

They are perfect for grating to make shredded cheese, slicing up or even better on a charcuterie board. They have a deep taste with savory content, but often times gives just the perfect textural variety. Few top vendors of hard cheese are Santa Lucia, Salerno, Tre Stelle etc


  1. Semi-Soft Cheese

Semi soft cheese have their own textural variety, taste and consistency. They are also ideal for grating, topping. Once cooked they give more of a fluffy and bubbly variant and presentation which is appealing in its own way. Few types of semi soft cheeses available at A1 Cash and Carry are cheddar cheese, mozzarella cheese and more.



  1. Soft Cheese

Soft cheeses have again their own form of textural consistency and if you are someone who loves a rich and creamy bite to their cheese, then surely it is for you. These cheeses go perfectly well in fillings, salads and charcuterie board with some nice crackers. Few examples of soft cheese are brie, cheese curds, blue cheese and more.

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