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Types of Takeout Food Containers Explained - Find the Right One!

Types of Takeout Food Containers Explained - Find the Right One!

If you are a restaurant or café, then it is a no-brainer that you must be in the constant need of takeout containers wholesale. There are several different types and varieties of takeout containers that are being used in commercial food industry nowadays. However, as businesses are tilting more towards eco-friendliness, takeout packaging is becoming increasingly bi-degradable and environment friendly. However, there lies a big question that what kind of takeout packaging is the right fit for your business’ requirements.

First have a look at different aspects when shopping and deciding for the right kind for your business:

1. Cost-effectiveness

Let’s be real here, the main goal of every business, be it hotels or restaurants is to decrease the overall costs while also maintaining the quality of the service. Commercial food delivery is becoming more prevalent these days especially in times of Covid-19 pandemic when dine-in was mostly restricted. Therefore, businesses had to find out just the right balance between the choice that is affordable as well as ticks the quality and sturdiness boxes.


2. No Spillage

In order for the food to be delivered in its entirety and in just the right form of shape and temperature, it is essentially important that the takeout delivery boxes, be it of any kind need to be sturdy, leak proof and spill proof. This is highly important so as to not only save the embarrassment from the customers over spoiled food but also for the sake of business’s own integrity and repute.

Types of Takeout Containers

There is a plethora of different types of takeaway containers available in the market but choosing the one that fits your business’ needs is the main question.

  • Paper Takeout Containers

An affordable, yet light weight option for food delivery requirements are the paper takeout containers. They are usually an ideal alternative for hot and cold type of food packaging and are most if the times microwave safe and easy to stack as well easy to store in the long run. These include food trays, clamshell containers, pulp boxes/bowls among others.



  • Foam Takeout Containers

These are a convenient yet sturdy option for cafes, delis, restaurant and hotels to up their food delivery game by many notches. Foam takeout containers are an affordable choice when buying in bulk and like the previous ones discussed are easy to stack and store. One of the biggest advantages of foam takeout containers is that they are great for providing overall insulation to food therefore keeping the food at the optimum temperature. Apart form this, many foam takeout containers have a hinged lid and therefore are called hinged foam containers. They kind of lock the parcel well for added spill proof. Styrofoam containers are also a handy option for customers who can simply lock them again in later use.



  • Aluminum Takeout Containers

Aluminum takeout food containers are an ideal solution (among many other different varieties of takeout packaging available) if one is looking for a food storage and delivery solution that make the heat trapped inside the box, and thus retains the moisture and aroma of the food. They are again an economical alternative among many and they are also quite effective in being spill proof because of their ridged ends. Foil takeout containers are perfect in serving macaroni, pasta, salads, nachos and others.




  • Plastic Takeout Containers

Though many businesses including cafe joints and restaurants are moving away from the use of plastic takeout containers, but there usage and prevalence can just not be denied. They provide a sturdy and cost effective solution for food takeaway and plastic takeout boxes when coupled with plastic lids of optimum size provide a spill proof and no leak solution. 


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