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What Are The Different Types of Basmati Rice? Varieties, Colors & Texture

What Are The Different Types of Basmati Rice? Varieties, Colors & Texture

1. Standard Basmati

Standard basmati is an economically focused basmati rice, typically a shorter thicker grain. Standard basmati rice is an excellent rice to buy in bulk for rice pudding, steamed rice, or as a stuffing in stuffed bell peppers or vine leaves. A1 Cash and Carry is a wholesaler of bulk basmati rice, some of our popular standard basmati rice are: Wah Basmati rice, and Chandni Chowk Rozana Basmati Rice.



2. 1121 Extra Long Grain Basmati Rice

1121 Extra long grain basmati rice is a premium rice, focused on the restaurant who wants a more aromatic quality rice to serve their customers. The 1121 Extra Long Grain Basmati rice features a longer, narrower grain with a pointy tip. This rice is suitable for steamed rice, pulao and biryani. A1 Cash and Carry,  wholesale food distributor Ontario, stocks a variety of 1121 Extra long grain rice in bulk: AzaanSubhan XXL Basmati Rice, Apna 1121 Extra Long Basmati Rice, Chandni Chowk Extra Long Basmati Rice.


3. Cream Sela Basmati Rice

Cream Sela Basmati Rice is a parboiled version of 1121 Extra Long Grain Basmati rice with a light colour. The main difference of Creamy Sela Basmati Rice and 1121 Extra Long Grain Basmati rice is the cooking process, and cooked rice result. Sela Rice typically cooks 'easier' than basmati rice, although it may take longer to cook. Once cooked Cream Sela Basmati rice remains fluffy, firmer than 1121, and the grains remain separate. Cream Sela Basmati rice is often preferred by restaurants due to easier cooked handling, and that the grains remain separate. Our most popular rice: Maharani Sela Rice is a cream sela rice. Another very popular cream sela rice is Apna Sela Rice.

4. Golden Sela Basmati Rice

Golden Sela is also a parboiled version of 1121 Extra Long Grain Basmati rice, with a more yellowish hue. The reason it has a yellow hue is because the rice is parboiled with the natural brown husk, and is dehusked after being parboiled. Due to the rice being parboiled with its husk it absorbs some of the additional nutrition from the husk and is a more nutrient dense rice. Golden Sela basmati rice cooks into a fluffy, firm and separate grain rice. A1's most popular Golden Sela rice is Chandni Chowk Golden Sela Basmati Rice, available in bulk 40 lb bags.


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