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What to look for in a Wholesale Meat Supplier?

What to look for in a Wholesale Meat Supplier?

When operating a restaurant one of the key supplier connections you need to establish is your meat wholesaler. Often proteins are a huge chunk of your food costs and the most important part of the meal. You wouldn't have your hamburger, butter chicken, shawarma, or taco without the meat wholesaler ready to supply! Thankfully during all of these recent supply chain struggles, there has still been relative consistency with the supply of wholesale meats and poultry, although the prices have risen.


When choosing a wholesale meat supplier in the Toronto Area here are a few things to consider:

  1. Reputation

Whenever choosing a wholesale meat supplier, its important to know the supplier has significant market presence and reputation. Many times in the past there have been scandals related to meat suppliers, you want to make sure you're working with a reputable company. A1 Cash and Carry has hundreds of google reviews and all locations stand at an average 4.5 Star Google Rating! A1 Cash and Carry has been in business since 1998!



  1. Range

Finding a one-stop shop is very important, you need to be sure that the wholesaler you're working with stocks all the products and cuts you need. A1 Cash and Carry has a wide range of wholesale meats such as: Chicken, Beef, Lamb, Goat, Veal, Deli Meats and processed meat products such as burgers, hot dogs, chicken nuggets and Bacon!

  1. Quality

You want to ensure that the quality of meat is excellent, its fresh and consistent! A1 Cash and Carry ensures that only the top quality products hit its shelves, we work with only provincially or nationally accredited meat processing plants, and our protein manager is actively working with our suppliers to ensure quality standards exceed our A1 Cash and Carry's customer expectations.



  1. Halal

Halal meat in Canada is a Billion Dollar annual industry, it’s important to cater to all customer bases, and by offering halal meats on your menu you will open your doors to a completely new customer base. A1 Cash and Carry offers wholesale meats that are hand slaughtered halal for you to serve your customers.

  1. Price

As proteins are a large part of your food costs its important to ensure that you are getting reasonable pricing on your wholesale meats. A1 Cash and Carry has fantastic shelf pricing, and ensures consistent pricing throughout the year, we work with the meat plants on a long term to ensure our customers are not facing price elasticity.

  1. Availability & Consistency

Not having an item on your menu means lost sales, upset customers, and a poor reputation for your business. A1 Cash and Carry ensures availability of our products and consistency of brands and cuts. This means you always have access to what you need.



  1. Shelf-life

Rotation and Shelf life in wholesale meats is very important, it means your customers are always getting the freshest products available. A1 Cash and Carry is getting shipments throughout the week to ensure the freshest products are available to you.

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