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Introducing 'My List' Feature on Version 2.0 of Ecommerce Store

Being one of the highest rated Canadian restaurant supplier and leading wholesale restaurant distributor Ontario, A1 Cash and Carry continues to strive in providing the most hands on and above par customer experience. Be it assisting customers at one of its four locations namely, Mississauga, London, Etobicoke, and North York or providing the prompt shipping services and user friendliness on its online ecommerce store.

In an extension to these customer centric ethos that make up the very core of the A1 brand since its conception, A1 Cash & Carry has just very recently launched their ‘all new’ interface of ecommerce store. Though the online shopping portal has been live and serving customers efficiently for more then a year now, in an evolutionary extension to that, they have just revamped their whole ecommerce website. The online wholesale restaurant supplies store is now friendlier in terms of interface and design and along with that several new key exciting features have also been added. These will assist users and potential customers in making informed buying decisions! 

One of the key features in this is the ‘My List’ feature. With this, now you can create your own customizable shopping wish list and simply add to cart the ones which you want to shop. Here’s a step by step guide on how to use the feature.


  1. Firstly, either Sign Up or Login to yourA1 Cash & Carry account


  1. Second, select the item you want to add to list by clicking on the 'Add to List' button at the top right corner



  1. Go to my 'My List' to browse or add to cart the added items. That’s pretty easy, right?

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