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Types of Deli Containers - The Most Versatile Plastic Takeout Container!

Types of Deli Containers - The Most Versatile Plastic Takeout Container!

Deli Containers have been growing in popularity around the restaurant and grocery industry. They are a convenient way to store, merchandise and deliver hot or cold food items. Deli containers are one of the most versatile plastic take out container. A1 Cash and Carry is one of the largest distributors of takeout containers wholesale. A1 Cash and Carry stocks a wide variety of commercial kitchen supplies including plastic takeout containers and deli containers in wholesale quantities available for pick up at any of our many restaurant wholesale locations or for convenient next day shipped online ordering.

Hoffmann - Basic Deli Containers

  • These Hoffmann branded deli containers are 90% transparent.
  • These deli containers all use the same size lid, regardless of the size of container
  • The lid and base is sold separately
  • These deli containers are ideal for cold foods, or warm foods but not to be used for hot foods or for freezing.
  • These deli containers are not microwavable!
  • These are the lowest price per unit
  • These are stackable!

Value Plus - Heavy Deli Containers

  • These Value Plus Branded deli containers are translucent
  • The lids are packed in the same box as the base, they are combo packed deli containers.
  • These Heavy Deli Containers are available in wholesale boxes of 240 sets
  • These deli containers are fine for cold foods or hot foods
  • These Value Plus Heavy Deli Containers are able to be frozen
  • These Heavy Deli Containers can be microwaved
  • These deli containers are stackable!
  • These are Leak Resistant

Genpak - Hinged lid Deli Containers

  • These Genpak Hinged Lid deli containers are transparent
  • They are hinged lid meaning the lids are attached to the base!
  • Available to purchase by sleeve of 100, or case of 200 for a better wholesale price!
  • These containers are made with 30% recycled material
  • They are leak resistant and have water vapor barrier
  • Ideal for cold foods only
  • Cannot be frozen or microwaved
  • Stackable
  • Flat front and top for easy smooth labeling

Deli containers are an ideal for takeaway requirements of delis and restaurants as they help them elevate their overall food delivery and food packaging service. Firstly, deli containers are a rather economical and rather cost effective choice when it comes to takeout containers. Secondly, they are space efficient as they are stackable and easier to store. And above all they are quite versatile in usage and can be altered for tamper evident food delivery bags while also being applicable in a number of food delivery services. 


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